Interior Design Course India

Subjects taught in an interior design course

In the earlier post, we discussed interior design as a career. While selecting a career it is also important to know the subjects that will be taught in the interior design course. This will help you in understanding your strengths and weaknesses so you can grow better.


In Interior design course, Design is the master subject that teaches you to collectively use aesthetics, technical knowledge, and innovation to create a solution to the problem. In design, you will be given a space which can be a residence, office, school, retail shop etc. You are supposed to design the whole project implementing your skills of sketching, coloring presentation. Along with these, you are also supposed to use the knowledge from other theory subjects. Every design problem requires a different way of solving the problem. When designing an apartment you have to take care of activities that take place in a home, while if it is office then the requirements and activities will be different.


This subject is to improve your ability to present in a graphical form. It involves studying elements of space design – study of shadows, textures, tones, colors, geometry. How they look in different perspectives and projections. In graphics will also be taught how to prepare technical drawings. Technical drawings in the earlier times used to be hand drawn however these days everything has moved to digital medium like AutoCAD, 3d max, Sketchup and other 3d rendering software. These software skills are must have ones as per industry standards and hence are taught in the interior design course.

Visual Arts

Visual arts is to develop your skills of presentation, sketching, principles of two-dimensional and three-dimensional compositions, principles of design etc.


Construction is a very important part of Interior Design Course. Study of construction techniques gives you knowledge of various methods of construction and detailing of different joinery works. It is very important to know different of joinery system, adhesion techniques to make sure the furniture designed by you are strong and durable. Also with the daily innovations in the construction industry, it is important to keep yourself updated.

 Building Materials

Every material in the building interior design industry has different property. Some material can take load better while some take better stresses, some are brittle and some too strong. As an interior designer, it is very important for you to understand the properties of these building materials. That way it will be easier for you to determine which material needs to be used for which condition.


As an interior designer, you should also be aware of the different type of isms and design movements that have inspired a design style. History of Interior Design tells you about the same.