Interior design as a career

Scope of Interior Design as a career

The immense growth of the construction industry around the world has led to creation of different type of infrastructure. From homes to offices, malls to multiplexes the numbers keep going higher every day. With these the requirement of skilled professionals who can design and execute these projects is increasing everyday. The world has become more connected and updated, every one today wants their home/office to look trendy and beautiful. They want more personalized and glamorous spaces. Practicing interior design as  a career you are the one capable enough of providing them exactly what they need.

Interior Design as a career offers you a lot of opportunities to grow in your own way. As an interior designer you can specialize in different types of projects.

Interior design as a career
Home Interior Design pallete

Residential Interiors

The growth of multi-residential apartments has created a lot of opportunities for Interior Designers in the residential sector. These projects offer good opportunities for you as an interior designer to explore your design capabilities. Every family is of different size, have their own requirements, budgets. Based on these you need to create different themes, designs

Interior Design as a career
Office interior design offers a great opportunity to innovate

Office interiors

Offices are a big part of our lives. A person spends 30% of time in their life working in office. So it is very essential that the working space designed for him/her creates a positive environment for work. In office interior design you need to take into consideration the ergonomics, usability and comfort factor of the furniture. that the employees will use.

Your office layout caters to a specific function. With that in mind, as a designer you have to design the office space to better serve that function? You need to understand the current trends and innovate to create more flexible spaces which are timeless and allow better function.

Commercial / Retail interiors

Retail design is a challenging and commercial discipline that required you to use several different areas of expertise together to design and execute the retail space. Retail design is primarily a specialized practice of architecture and interior design. As a retail designer also you would be dealing with multiple elements of industrial design, graphic design, ergonomics, and advertising. Also it is very important to implement proper lighting, flooring and comfort for the consumer to walk around. The focus of the design has to be on showcasing the products and creating an experience for the customer.

Lighting designer

Lighting design is a very specialized field in the vast field of interior design and has gained tremendous significance in the recent years, both creatively and commercially. Proper lighting helps in accentuating the effect of colors and make the space look beautiful. The lighting designer must keep in mind the space for which the lighting is done (theatre or office or restaurant or residence), the different intensities of light during day and night, and variations during seasons, in order to play with them. Specializing in lighting designing also allows you get in companies producing luminaries or light fitting. The research done by you is implemented by them to create better products and create more innovations.

Set designing

Interior Design as career also allows to enter in to the glamorous world of film and fashion. As a set designer for TV, film or theatre, you can decide the visual language and imagery in accordance with the vision of the director and demand of the script. Also called as a production designer, you will be responsible for studying scripts and discussing ideas with the director, researching details for the production, communicating ideas to costume, make-up, props and lighting designers and supervising costs and set building.
You must be have imagination, creativity and excellent communication skills, excellent visual awareness, drawing and design skills, an understanding of camera and lighting and a keen interest in cultures, lifestyles and historical periods.

Product Design

While designing products is as old as the human civilization, with the advent of the industrial revolution, and an era of rapid social, technological and cultural transformations, a product designer must be particularly concerned with those aspects of products that relate to human usage and behavior, and product appeal and based on creative and practical concerns of maximum relevance involving issues that are local and global simultaneously.

As a product designer you will explore solutions to meet marketing, manufacturing and financial requirements and arrive at the optimum design of a product. You will consider both functional and aesthetic aspects, with a specials attention to ergonomics. The field provides you opportunity to serve the industry, design or architectural studio, while designing products that re user-friendly and provide sustainable solutions to the consumer.

Exhibition design

With the introduction of hundreds of products everyday comes the need to market them. Exhibitions are the best way to bring the product in front of the masses. As an exhibition designer, you plan, design, organize and install the layout. Construction and installation of pavilions, thematic zones, etc in expos, trade fairs, exhibitions, etc. As grow in your career graph, you could also design and make permanent shop displays, museum exhibits and interpretive displays.
This is a multi-disciplinary field, as it draws from architecture, graphic design, industrial design, film, photography and audio-visual, into a common language. The idea is to resolve the communication through spatial expression to attract, inform and involve an audience in the subjects that their clients employ them to present. Besides the capacities of imagination and creativity, a deeper understanding and passion of and for space is an essential quality.

Best Part of Interior Design as a career

With so many diverse options Interior design as a career also allows you start a firm of your own as a consultant. This way you get on projects of your choice and excel on your own.  What else can one ask from such an illustrious career.